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Universal Messaging Events
A Universal Messaging Event (nConsumeEvent) is the object that is published to a Universal Messaging channel or queue. It is stored by the server and then passed to consumers as and when required.
Events can contain simple byte array data, or more complex data structures such as an Event Dictionary (see Event Dictionaries).
Each nConsumeEvent object has an nEventAtrributes object associated with it which contains all available meta data associated with the event.
Constructing an Event
In this C++ code snippet, we construct our Universal Messaging Event object (nConsumeEvent), and, in this example, pass a byte array data into the constructor:

std::string strLine = "Hello World";
int length = 0;
unsigned char *pLine = nConstants::encode(strLine, length);
nEventProperties *pProps = new nEventProperties();
nConsumeEvent *evt = new nConsumeEvent(pProps, pLine, length);