Universal Messaging 10.3 | Administration Guide | Universal Messaging Enterprise Manager | Introduction
The Enterprise Manager is a powerful, graphical management tool that enables the capture of extremely granular metrics, management and audit information from multiple Universal Messaging realms. The Enterprise Manager also allows you to control, configure and administer all aspects of any Universal Messaging realm or clusters of realms.
The Enterprise Manager has been completely written using the Universal Messaging administration API and so any of its functionality can be easily integrated into bespoke or 3rd party systems management services.
The Enterprise Manager and administration API use in-band management. This ensures that the flexibility of Universal Messaging connections is also made available from a management / monitoring perspective. Universal Messaging realms can be managed remotely over TCP/IP sockets, SSL enables sockets, HTTP and HTTPS as well as through normal and user-authenticated HTTP/S proxies.
This guide contains information on all aspects of using the Enterprise Manager.
The read-only Enterprise Viewer
The Enterprise Viewer is a read-only version of the Enterprise Manager. It allows unprivileged users to view the same information as with the Enterprise Manager, but does not allow you to change the Universal Messaging environment in any way. For further information, see the section Using the Enterprise Viewer.