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Deleting Channels and Queues
To delete a store (i.e., a channel or queue), proceed as follows:
1. Select the store in the namespace of the Enterprise Manager,
2. Select Delete in the context menu of the store.
Since editing a store involves deleting the existing store before creating the new store, all of the points mentioned below for deleting a store apply also for editing a store.
Upon deletion of a store, all assets dependent on it will be deleted and all content in the store will be deleted. All active subscriptions to the store will be terminated, as well as all shared durables attached to the store, along with the associated messages. Such subscriptions or shared durables need to be recreated by the original creator of those objects after you have finished deleting the channel.
Deleting a store which serves as a dead event store for another store will cause that reference to be removed, therefore the user should re-create the reference.
Any joins from or to this store will need to be recreated as they are now disabled.
Before you delete a store, we suggest that you observe the following procedure:
*Drain the store and its durable subscriptions, otherwise any messages in-flight within the store or related to the store will now be lost and transactions will not be deterministic.
*Prevent all publishing activity on the store while it is being deleted; see the section Pause Publishing in the Concepts guide for related information.