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Prerequisites for Basic Authentication
In order to enable SASL authentication in .NET, the library S22_SASL.dll and its dependency BouncyCastle.Crypto.dll must be made available in the same application domain as the Universal Messaging library. The easiest away to do this is to add a reference to the S22_SASL.dll library whenever you have a reference to any Universal Messaging .NET libraries. Alternatively the assembly can be loaded into the current application domain using System.Reflection.Assembly.Load() and supplying the path to the S22_SASL.dll file.
The files S22_SASL.dll and BouncyCastle.Crypto.dll are located in the same dotnet/bin directory as the other DLL files for .NET.
Once the assembly is available, it will be automatically picked up when creating a session (whether via a client session, realm node or RX session) and used to connect to the server. If the assembly is unavailable and authentication credentials are supplied, an exception will be thrown when attempting to connect to the server, stating that no SASL implementations are available.
If authentication is not enabled on the server, the client will default to a standard connection without authentication.