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Syntax: Durable Tools

Tool name:

Gets all events for all durables or all events for a specific durable.
The tool has two required parameters (rname , channelname) and two optional
parameters (durablename , maxevents , startid). By default, if no optional
parameters are added it will list the events on all durables. Default number
of events is 1000 per durable.

runUMTool ViewDurableEvent -rname=<rname> -channelname=<channelname>

ViewDurableEventWith required parameters: -rname=nhp://localhost:11000
-channelname=testchan With optional parameters:
-rname=nhp://localhost:11000 -channelname=testchan
-durablename=testdurable -maxevents=100 -startid=50 -displayanydata=true

Required arguments:

rname :
Name of the realm.

channelname :
Channel which durable is subscribed to.

Optional Parameters:

durablename :
The name of the durable to browse events.(Optional Parameter).

maxevents :
The number of maximum events to display.(Optional Parameter).

startid :
The EID of the starting event to display events from.
(Optional Parameter)

displayanydata :
If the data displayed should be of any kind. By default
only UTF-8 encoded data is shown. (Optional Parameter)

username :
Your Universal Messaging server username.

password :
Your Universal Messaging server password.