Universal Messaging 10.3 | Administration Guide | Overview
This administration guide covers the following areas:
* Universal Messaging Enterprise Manager: This section describes the Enterprise Manager, which is Universal Messaging's native graphical user interface for management of your Universal Messaging environment. There is also a read-only version of the Enterprise Manager, called the Enterprise Viewer, which allows unprivileged users to view the Universal Messaging environment (see the section Using the Enterprise Viewer for details).
* Using Command Central to Manage Universal Messaging: This section describes the parts of Command Central that are specific to Universal Messaging. Command Central is a generic tool used by many Software AG products. It provides a web browser and command-line interface to configure and manage Universal Messaging.
* Setting up Active/Passive Clustering with Shared Storage: This section describes how to set up an active/passive cluster, using third party solutions that supply additional hardware and software for cluster management.
* Command Line Administration Tools: This section describes a set of command line tools that allow you to perform many of the common actions available through Universal Messaging.
* Universal Messaging Administration API: This section describes the powerful administration API that allows you to build applications to manage your Universal Messaging environment programmatically.