Universal Messaging 10.3 | Administration Guide | Using Command Central to Manage Universal Messaging | Universal Messaging Configuration Types | User Management
User Management
You can access the user management configuration options for a Universal Messaging server instance by selecting a Universal Messaging instance name and selecting Internal Users from the configurations list. You can add new users, list existing users, change the password of an user, or delete a user from the user repository.
Information to authenticate the users of a Universal Messaging server instance is stored in the user repository users.txt file. The default location of the users.txt file is <InstallDir>/common/conf/users.txt. The users.txt file is generated only after you create a new internal user.
The path to the users.txt file is added in the jaas.conf file present in <InstallDir>/UniversalMessaging/server/<InstanceName>/bin/jaas.conf. If you specify a relative path in the jaas.conf file, the users.txt file will be created in a directory relative to the bin directory of the Universal Messaging server instance. You can provide a custom name instead of the default users.txt, and a custom path in the jaas.conf file.
You can also use the command line interface commands or internaluserrepo.bat/sh script in <InstallDir>/common/bin to configure users of a Universal Messaging server instance. For more information, see Software AG Command Central and Software AG Platform Manager Command Reference.