Universal Messaging 10.1 | Concepts | Performance, Scalability and Resilience | Overview of Performance, Scalabilty and Resilience
Overview of Performance, Scalabilty and Resilience
Performance, Scalability and Resilience are design themes that are followed in all areas of Universal Messaging's design and architecture. Specific implementation features have been introduced into server and client components to ensure that these themes remain constantly adhered to.
Universal Messaging is capable of meeting the toughest of Low Latency and High Throughput demands. Universal Messaging's server design, sophisticated threading models and heavily optimized IO subsystem ensures peak performance. Multicast and shared memory communication modes allow Universal Messaging to consistently achieve low microsecond latencies. Universal Messaging is constantly being benchmarked by clients and other 3rd parties and continues to come out on top.
The benchmarking section provides detailed information on performance in a variety of scenarios. Information on performance tuning is also available on the website, helping clients achieve optimal performance in their deployments.
Scalability in terms of messaging middleware typically means connection scalability, which is the ability to support large numbers of concurrent connections; this is something Universal Messaging does out of the box. However in defining truly global enterprise applications a single system often needs to scale across more than one processing core, often in more than one geographic location.
Universal Messaging servers can be configured in a variety of ways to suit scalability (and resilience) requirements. Multiple Universal Messaging servers can exist in a single federated name space. This means that although specific resources can be put onto specific Universal Messaging realm servers any number of resources can be managed and access centrally from a single entry point into Universal Messaging's federated namespace. In addition to high availability and resilience features Universal Messaging Clusters also offer a convenient way to replicate data and resources among a number of realm servers thus supporting higher rates of concurrent connections.
Business contingency and disaster recovery planning demand maximum availability from messaging Middleware systems. Universal Messaging provides a number of server and client features to ensure data always remains readily accessible and that outages are transparent to clients.
Universal Messaging Clusters replicate all resources between realms. Channels, Topics, Queues and the data held within each one is always accessible from any realm server in the cluster.
Universal Messaging clients are given a list of Universal Messaging realms in the cluster and automatically move from one to another if a problem or outage occurs.