Universal Messaging 10.1 | Concepts | Performance, Scalability and Resilience | Clustered Server Concepts | Masters and Slaves
Masters and Slaves
As explained in the Clustering Overview (see Clusters: An Overview), a cluster is a collection of Universal Messaging Realm Servers (realms).
Each cluster has one realm which is elected as master, and all other realms are deemed slaves. The master is the authoritative source of state for all resources within the cluster.
Three-realm cluster over three locations: one master and two slaves.
Should a realm or location become unavailable for any reason, the cluster's remaining realms should be able to carry on servicing clients:
Three-realm cluster over three locations: cluster continuation with one missing slave.
Note: Dotted lines represent interrupted communication owing to server or network outages.
For publish/subscribe resources (see Messaging Paradigms supported), each published event will be allocated a unique event ID by the master, which is then propagated to each slave.