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Manage Inter-Cluster Connections
Creating Inter-Cluster Connections
Inter cluster connections can be created through the Enterprise Manager. To do this, firstly connect to a realm in each cluster. Then, once both clusters are displayed in the Enterprise Manager, click on the "Inter-Cluster Connections" tab under one of the cluster panels.
Next, select "Add" and choose the remote cluster from the dropdown list in the popup dialog which will now appear:
The inter-cluster connections should now be established, and inter-cluster joins can now be formed through the Enterprise Manager or programmatically.
For a description of the general principles involved in creating channel joins, see the section Creating Channel Joins. The description details the usage based on the Enterprise Manager, but the same general principles apply if you are using the API.
Deleting Inter-Cluster Connections
To delete an inter-cluster connection, simply select the connection from the list and click "Delete".