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Synchronous Named Channel Consumer
This example shows how to synchronously consume events from a Universal Messaging Channel using a named object and a channel iterator.

namedchanneliterator <rname> <channel name> [name] [start eid] [debug] [count]
[cluster wide] [persistent] [selector]

<Required Arguments>

<rname> - the custom URL to access the realm. Example: nhp://localhost:9000
<channel name> - Channel name parameter for the channel to subscribe to

[Optional Arguments]

[name] - Specifies the unique name to be used for a named subscription
(default: OS username)
[start eid] - The Event ID to start subscribing from if name subscriber is to be
created (doesn't already exist)
[debug] - The level of output from each event,
0 - none, 1 - summary, 2 - EIDs, 3 - All
[count] - The number of events to wait for before printing out summary
information (default: 1000)
[cluster wide] - Specifies whether the named object is to be used across a cluster
(default: false)
[persistent] - Specifies whether the named object state is to be stored to disk or
held in server memory (default: false)
[selector] - The event filter string to use
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