Universal Messaging 10.1 | Welcome to Universal Messaging 10.1
Welcome to Universal Messaging 10.1
Welcome to Universal Messaging!
Universal Messaging is a Message Orientated Middleware product that guarantees message delivery across public, private and wireless infrastructures. Universal Messaging has been built from the ground up to overcome the challenges of delivering data across different networks. It provides its guaranteed messaging functionality without the use of a web server or modifications to firewall policy.
Universal Messaging offer a wide range of functionality in the areas of Scheduling, Triggers, Clustering, Realm Federation, Joins, JMS, Pub / Sub (Channels), Pub / Sub (DataGroups), Queues, Plugins, Security and Low Latency IO.
Server Administration
The Universal Messaging design comprises client and server components. Universal Messaging offers the Enterprise Manager for UI-based administration, and APIs for server administration.
Client APIs
Client APIs are available for a wide range of languages at the enterprise level. APIs are also available for building applications for Web-based and mobile device scenarios.