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Server Configuration for HTTPS Delivery
Universal Messaging can serve web content over both HTTP and HTTPS communication modes. This section discusses the steps necessary to configure a realm server to deliver web content over HTTPS.
Creating a Universal Messaging HTTPS (nhps) Interface
Universal Messaging provides its own protocol, the Universal Messaging HTTPS Protocol (nhps) for the secure delivery of web content over HTTPS. For web communication to take place an interface using this protocol must be created. Creating an interface can be done through the enterprise manager.
Enabling SSL on the Interface
When the interface is created using the enterprise manager default values are placed into the Certificates tab in the interface panel. To communicate using HTTPS over the interface additional configuration in this panel is required.
Other Configuration Options
Once the interface is created and SSL is enabled and correctly set up on the interface configuration can be completed by using the same steps which apply to configuring a HTTP interface.