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Testing a subset of your Apama application
In a large Apama application, you might want to test a subset instead of the entire application. The best way to do this is to define a launch configuration that injects only the monitors you want to test. Use this configuration only to test the subset. Create a different launch configuration to test the entire application.
The reason you want a separate configuration for testing the subset is that you must disable the monitors in your project that are not in the subset you want to test.
* To disable a file in a launch configuration
1. Define the launch configuration as you normally would. See Defining custom launch configurations.
2. In the Create, manage, and run configurations dialog, on the Components tab, select the correlator in which you want to perform the testing and click Edit. Or, click Add > Add Correlator to add the correlator on which you want to do the testing.
3. In the Correlator Configuration dialog that appears, on the Initialization tab, deselect the file(s) you do not want to inject.
4. Click OK, Apply, and then Run or Close.

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