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Launching the project
To create queries most efficiently, the project needs to be running so that you can see what data sources, databases, and existing queries are available.
* To create a new run configuration
1. Select the project for which to create the run configuration.
2. In the Software AG Designer menu bar, select Run > Run Configuration.
3. In the Run Configuration wizard, select Apama Application and click the New launch configuration button ().
4. On the Apama Project tab, specify the following:
*Specify the Name of the run configuration.
*Select or accept the Project.
*Select the Enable DataPlayer check box. If this box is not checked, the Query Editor and Data Player control are disabled.
*Select Generate time events from data if you want the correlator to use external time events (starting the correlator with the -Xclock option). The Generate time events from data check box is available only if you checked the Enable DataPlayer check box. For details about the format of correlator &TIME events, see Externally generating events that keep time (&TIME events).
When Generate time events from data is checked, the time field specified in the Data Player playback query must be a float value that represents a number of a seconds since the epoch. The data player transforms these values into &TIME events.
When Generate time events from data is disabled (unchecked), the Data Player's Speed and Play to controls are disabled.
5. Click Run to save and launch the project. Or click Apply to save the configuration without running the project.

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