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Example debug session
Debug example of preparing code and JAR file
Debug example of starting correlator and injecting application
Example of debugging in Software AG Designer
This section provides a very simple example that highlights some of the basic debugging concepts. It shows the basic steps for creating a JMon JAR file and injecting it into a debug enabled correlator. Familiarity with how to develop JMon applications is assumed and some steps are omitted based on this assumption.
* To develop a JMon application
1. Implement the Java code.
2. Annotate the Java code with required JMon information.
3. Generate the classes from the code.
4. Package the classes into a JAR file.
5. Create the JMon JAR manifest manually or by using the JarProcessor utility.
6. Inject the JAR file into a running correlator that is enabled with the JVM and with the proper Java options for remote debugging.

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