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Default launch configuration
Workbench perspective
Developer perspective
An application's default launch configuration starts the default correlator and uses all the monitors, events and queries defined in the project. A project's default launch configuration is available in both the Workbench and Developer perspectives.
To start an Apama project with the project's default configuration, click . This icon is enabled only if an Apama project is selected in the Project Explorer. When you run the Apama project, the project is started with default configuration. If the Apama project does not contain any configuration, a default configuration is applied before starting the project.
To stop an Apama project, click . This icon is enabled only if a running Apama application is selected in the Project Explorer.
Note: The icons are disabled if you select more than one project in the Project Explorer.
The Apama project must contain a .deploy file to run the Apama project. If a .deploy file is missing, the Apama project fails to start with incomplete configuration and you have to reset the configuration. To reset the launch configuration, right-click the Apama project and select Run as > Run Configurations. The .deploy file is created.
Apama validates the launch configuration before the correlator is started. If the launch configuration validation fails, the Run Configuration dialog displays an error indicating the configuration that has invalid entries, and an error icon appears on the tab that has invalid entries.
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