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Adding the ADBC adapter
If you want to use the Apama Data Player in your project, you need to add and configure the Apama database connector adapter that is appropriate to the data source used by the project: ODBC, JDBC, or Sim.
* To add and configure an ADBC adapter
1. There are two ways of adding an ADBC adapter to a project.
If you are creating a new Apama project:
a. Select File > Project > New > Apama.
b. Give the new project a name, and click Next.
If you are adding an ADBC adapter to an existing project:
a. In the Project Explorer, right-click the Connectivity and Adapters node and select Add Connectivity and Adapters.
b. In the Connectivity and Adapters dialog, create a new name for the adapter instance or accept the default instance name. Software AG Designer prevents you from using a name that is already in use.
2. Select the ADBC adapter bundle that is appropriate to the kind of data source your application will use. Click OK.
When you add a data source-specific adapter, the ADBC Adapter (Common Apama database connector adapter) bundle will be added to the project automatically.
3. Configure the instance of the new adapter as described in Configuring an ADBC adapter.

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