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Using older versions of blocks
Apama 4.2 modified the interface for implementing blocks. All standard blocks have been updated to use this new interface. If you use a version of a block that implements the old interface, Event Modeler indicates this in the Block Wiring tab by using a different color around the perimeter of the block. Deprecated blocks (blocks that use the old interface and any blocks that are deprecated in the future) have an orange border while current blocks have a black border. However, the selected block, of any type, has a red border.
You can use both deprecated and current blocks in the same scenario. However, if a scenario uses at least one deprecated block, the scenario instances cannot be run in parallel. In the Blocks tab and in the Block Wiring tab, blocks that are parallel-aware have a double-line border. Blocks that are not parallel-aware have a single-line border.
The recommendation is to update any custom blocks to the new interface. Support for the old interface will be removed in a future release. Information for converting custom blocks to the new interface is in the Apama 5.0 migration guide.

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