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Using functions in rules
* To use a function in a rule
1. Right-click the remaining 'number expression', and from the alternatives in the context menu, point to Standard functions.
This displays a listing of all the functions available in the Event Modeler that return a number as a result.
2. Choose ABS ( 'number' value ).
A function is selected slightly differently to other elements. If you click on the function name you will select the function itself, and can thus replace it. If you click on any of its parameters (if it has any), then you can replace just the parameter. Click the Functions tab to display information about available functions; see Using the Functions tab.
3. Select the 'number expression' parameter, and replace it with the scenario variable quantity, by choosing 'number scenario variable', quantity.
The condition is now complete.
There are no unfinished elements, or non-terminals, in it. No elements have quotes or are underlined.
And if you glance over at the start state in the Event Flow panel, you will notice that the name of the state is now back to regular black font.

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