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Selecting from the Scenario menu
When Event Modeler is open, the Software AG Designer menu bar includes Scenario. The Scenario menu provides the following commands:
*Diagnostic Logging — When this is checked, the scenario is injected in debug mode when you run your project.
*Generate Block — When this is checked, your scenario is saved as a block template when you save and/or build your project. The block template is put into the Generated scenario blocks catalog in the catalogs directory of your project. You can use the block template in other scenarios. This option is available only if all of the scenario's states, and by consequence, all their rules' conditions and actions, are finished. You cannot mark a scenario as parallel and then export it as a block.
*Toggle Block Field Feed Name Display— In the Block Wiring tab, toggles the display of block field feed names.
*Toggle Rule Comment Display — In the Rules panel, toggles the display of the comments that can be associated with each rule.
*Global Rule Arc Visibility — Determines the Event Flow tab display of transitions controlled by global rules. Choices are:
*Emphasize All Global Rule Arcs — All global transitions appear in a bright orange color.
*Emphasize State Global Rule Arcs — The global transitions for only the selected state appear in bright orange. Other global transitions are in a very light orange.
*Deemphasize All Global Rule Arcs — All global transitions appear in a very light orange color.
When you save a scenario, Event Modeler first tries to save a copy of the previously saved version of that scenario to create a backup. If Event Modeler is unable to make the backup, it displays a dialog that lets you know. You can save the scenario anyway or cancel and try to find out why the backup could not be made.

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