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Opening and viewing multiple scenarios
In the Apama Developer perspective, Event Modeler can open multiple scenarios concurrently, but only one can be on active display; that is on view at any one time. You can tell which scenario is currently on view by examining the contents of the window title bar, as this lists the scenario's name and the location of its corresponding .sdf file.
At the top of the Event Flow/Rules display, there is a tab for each opened scenario. The last opened scenario always becomes the scenario on view. So depending on the sequence in which you open scenarios, one will be on view and the other will still be loaded. You can switch from one to the other by clicking its tab.
It is also possible to open multiple Apama Event Modeler windows and view different scenarios (or the same, for that matter) in each. This can be carried out from the Window menu, and is not the same as actually starting another instance of Software AG Designer. There should never be any need to do the latter.
* To open a window for each scenario
1. From the Window menu, choose New Window.
Another Software AG Designer window appears.
2. In this second Software AG Designer window, you can open the same scenario or a different scenario.
Notice how the title bars reflect which scenario is on view in each window.
If you have multiple windows open showing the same scenario, any edits done in one will be immediately reflected in the other if applicable. Selections and view changes are not reflected in this manner; so if in one window you are viewing the start state while in another you are editing the rules of another state, you will not see your edits in the first window until you select the edited state there.
If you close a window, the scenario on view in that window remains loaded in the Event Modeler and no changes are lost. If you close all the windows in Event Modeler, you have effectively exited the Event Modeler. You will be prompted with a warning dialog if you try to exit Event Modeler while there are modified (unsaved) scenarios open.

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