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Linking a parameter with a variable or output field
Linking variables, block parameters, and block output fields described how one can set up a link between a block instance's parameter and the value of a scenario variable or block output field. Once this link is set up the block parameter will always have the same value as the source variable or block output field. If the value of the source variable or output field changes, the destination parameter's value gets updated automatically to be the same value.
You can set up such a link by right-clicking while pointing to the value cell for the parameter to be linked. If the scenario contains any variables or block instances, a pop-up menu will appear listing those variables, the block instances, their output feeds, and within those, their output fields.
When you select a variable or output field to link with the parameter, the variable's or field's name is displayed in the value cell.
The variable or field chosen does not have to be of the same type as the parameter. If it is not of the same type, its value will be changed to the parameter's type before being copied to the parameter. If this is not possible, a default value is set. See Conversion rules for variable types.
Since this could set the parameter to unexpected values, it is important to set up these links carefully.

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