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Cutting, copying, and pasting rules
You can Cut, Copy and Paste rules.
To cut or copy a rule, right-click it and select the desired operation from the popup context menu. Alternatively you can press the Control X and Control C shortcut keys, or click the and buttons on the main toolbar, respectively.
To paste a rule, the Rules panel must be highlighted. You can do this by clicking somewhere within the Rules panel so that its toolbar is highlighted. You can also right-click in the Rules panel and select Paste from the popup menu. Alternatively, press Control V, or click the button on the Event Modeler toolbar. Note that the newly pasted rule will be renamed to Copy of previous_name if there is still a rule with the same name. For example, if you copy a rule and then paste it back into the same state, the newly pasted one will be renamed. The rule transition's destination state will be preserved provided that the destination state still exists. If not, it will revert to continue.
You can also use Cut/Copy/Paste with rule elements. For example, you can copy a text variable element from a "variablechanges" statement and paste it into a text expression element.
You can also drag and drop rule elements to copy them. To do this, first select the rule element. Then hold down the mouse button and drag the element to the location to which you want to copy it. Not all elements can be copied to every other rule element. For example, you cannot copy a number expression and paste it into a condition expression. When you drag an element over its intended target, Event Modeler highlights the target in green if the copy is allowed and in red if the copy is not allowed.

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