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Creating the GlobalRuleExample project
The following steps provide an example of how to create an Apama project.
* To create the GlobalRuleExample project
1. Ensure that Apama Workbench appears in the title bar of Software AG Designer. If it does not, choose Window > Perspective > Open Perspective > Apama Workbench.
2. From the File menu, choose New > Apama Project to display the New Apama Project dialog.
3. In the New Apama Project dialog, specify GlobalRuleExample for the project name, accept the default project location, and click Next.
4. In the list of standard bundles that appears, select Scenario Service (required by all scenario-based applications), and click Finish.
Bundles are packages of Apama objects such as EPL files, event definition files, and event files or adapter configuration files that are required for specific types of applications.
Your new project is shown in the Workbench Project View pane on the left of the perspective.

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