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Adding a rule
To add a global rule, click the button on the Global Rules panel toolbar. The Event Modeler adds this new rule to every state except the end state.
Local rules can be added in the following ways:
*Select the state to add the rule, and then click on the button on the Local Rules panel toolbar.
*In the Event Flow panel, in Connect mode, manually add a transition between two states. This creates a new local rule with that transition defined in it within the source state.
The new rule is added to the bottom of the list of local rules.
A new rule will have the default title, “New Rule n”, no description, an unfinished condition indicated by the red font of the rule name, and an action containing only a state transition statement.
You cannot add a rule to the end state. After a scenario enters its end state, nothing more can execute. If you want to do some cleanup before you terminate a scenario, add a cleanup state that comes just before the end state.

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