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Adding a block template catalog
When Event Modeler is open, it automatically makes the default catalog blocks available. If you have another block template catalog available on your system and want to make those block templates available to your scenario, use Software AG Designer to add the block catalog to your project as described below.
* To add a block template catalog
1. In the Apama Developer perspective, right-click the project name and select Properties.
2. In the Properties dialog, expand Apama and click Catalogs.
3. Click the Blocks tab and then Add.
4. In the Source Folder Selection dialog, click on catalogs to highlight it, and click Create New Folder.
5. In the Folder name field, enter the name of the catalog you are adding.
6. To add the complete contents of the catalog you specified, click Finish, and then click OK twice. You are done.
7. To choose particular files to add, click Next. Specify inclusion and/or exclusion patterns and click Finish. Then click OK twice.
Also use the Blocks tab in the Properties dialog when you want to remove a block template catalog.

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