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Adding a block instance to the scenario
To add a block template to your scenario, first select it from the Catalogs tab. Open the folder it is in, select the block you want, and if there is more than one version, select the version you want. The recommendation is to use the most recent version, which is implemented in a way that delivers better performance than the older version. Also, the most recent version is parallel-aware. Older versions will be removed in a future release.
Then click on the icon in the tab's toolbar to add this block to the scenario. You will see it appearing in the Blocks tab.This instance of the block template in the scenario will be automatically named. The name assigned will be the block template name followed by 1, to indicate that this is the first instance of this block.
As implied, it is possible to add multiple instances of the same block to the scenario. These will be named sequentially to differentiate between them. The unique naming of each instance is important, as all block instance feeds, fields, parameters, and operations are referred to from within rules by the enclosing block instance's name.

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