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Decoding fixed width data from the sink to send to the correlator
To decode an event into a sequence of fields, the transport calls the sendTransportEvent() method as follows:
public void sendTransportEvent(Object event, TimestampSet timestamps)
   throws CodecException, SemanticMapperException
The event object is assumed to be a NormalisedEvent. It must contain the key data, which has a value of string type containing the data to decode. That is, the line that contains the fixed width data. The Fixed Width codec then decodes the data and stores the value from each field in a string sequence. This value from each field replaces the value for the data key.
If the event also contains a sessionId key with an integer value associated with it, this is the configuration that the codec uses to interpret the data. If the event does not contain a sessionId the codec uses the default configuration as specified in the configuration file.

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