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Configuring Java options and system properties when using JMS
Sometimes it is necessary to specify Java system properties to configure a JMS provider's client library, or to change JVM options such as the maximum memory heap size. Because these settings inevitably affect all JMS providers that the correlator is connecting to, in addition to any JMon applications in the correlator, Java options must be specified on the correlator command line rather than in a JMS connection's configuration file.
Each Java option to be passed to the correlator should be prefixed with -J on the command line, for example, -J-Dpropname=propvalue -J-Xmx512m. To set Java options when starting the correlator from Software AG Designer, edit the Apama launch configuration for your project as described below.
* To edit the launch configuration
1. In the Project Explorer, right-click the project name and select Run As > Run Configurations. The Run Configurations dialog is displayed.
2. In Run Configurations dialog, in the Project field, make sure the your project is selected.
3. On Run Configurations dialog's Components tab, select the correlator to use and click Edit. The Correlator Configuration dialog is displayed.
4. In the Correlator Configuration dialog, in the Extra command line arguments field, add the system property (for example, -J-Dpropname=propvalue -J-Xmx512m) and click OK.

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