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Adding multiple instances of the Web Services Client adapter
You can add multiple Web Services Client adapter instances to an Apama project. Software AG Designer generates service monitors and configuration files that are specific to each adapter instance. Different instances can be used, for example, to invoke different web service operations and map different Apama events to web service input, output, and fault messages. The generated service monitors contain event listeners for the events used in the mappings of the specific adapter instance. If the same event is used as an input event for multiple adapter instances, multiple events will be emitted to the corresponding channels of each adapter.
* To add another adapter instance to a project
1. In the Project Explorer, expand the project's Adapters node.
2. Right-click the Web Services Client Adapter node and select Add Instance from the pop-up menu. The Add Instance dialog opens.
3. In the Add Instance dialog, accept the default adapter instance name or give it a new one and click OK. The instance is added to the Web Services Client Adapter node.

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