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Managing Connect and Disconnect Notification
Whenever a dashboard connects to or disconnects from a data server or display server, the server sends a special notification event to all connected correlators that include the Dashboard Support bundle.
The events are defined as follows:
event DashboardClientConnected {
  string userName;
  string sessionId;
  dictionary<string,string> extraParams;
}event DashboardClientDisconnected {
  string userName;
  string sessionId;
  dictionary<string,string> extraParams;
userName specifies the user name with which the dashboard was logged in to the server.
sessionID is a unique identifier for the dashboard's session with the server.
extraParams may be used in a future release.
Note that the circumstances under which a dashboard disconnects from a server include but are not limited to the following:
*End user exits the Dashboard Viewer or web browser in which a dashboard is loaded.
*End user exits a web browser tab in which a dashboard is loaded.
*Network failure causes loss of connectivity to viewer or web browser in which a dashboard is loaded.
Note also that disconnect notification might be sent only after a timeout period rather than immediately upon loss of connection.
Follow these steps to manage connect and disconnect notification:
1. Ensure that the Dashboard Support bundle is loaded into all relevant correlators.
2. Use scenarios or monitors to process DashboardClientConnected and DashboardClientDisconnected events. Base processing on the values of the userName and sessionId fields.

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