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Installing your Event Authority
To install your authorization customization, do both of the following:
*Replace com.apama.dashboard.security.NoOpEventAuthority with the fully qualified name of your class in the file EXTENSIONS.ini, which is in the lib directory of your Apama installation.
*create a jar file that contains your IEventAuthority implementation, and place it in the directory %APAMA_WORK%\dashboards_deploy\lib. If you have other custom classes (for example, a custom login module — see Developing custom login modules), you can include them in the same .jar file or in a different .jar file.
If your event authority has dependencies on other .jar files, add these .jar files to the manifest of the event authority .jar file.
Software AG Designer allows you to sign your .jar files when you create a deployment package — see Preparing Dashboards for Deployment.
Two event authorities are provided with your installation:
*com.apama.dashboard.security.NoOpEventAuthority: Permits all users to send any event.
*com.apama.dashboard.security.DenyAllEventAuthority: Denies all users rights to send any event.
NoOpEventAuthority is the default event authority. Use a custom event authority when deploying your dashboards.
If you are installing DenyAllEventAuthority, you do not need to create a jar file as described above, as this class is provided with your Apama installation and is included in an existing jar.
Here is a portion of EXTENSIONS.ini as shipped:
# List of event authorities. An event authority is called to determine
# if a user has rights to send an event to a correlator. Each must implement
# the interface:
##     com.apama.dashboard.security.IEventAuthority
## Multiple authorities can be specified. They will be called in the order
# listed.
## Format:
##    eventAuthority <classname>
## NoOpEventAuthority - Allows all users to send events
eventAuthority com.apama.dashboard.security.NoOpEventAuthority
# DenyAllEventAuthority - Allows no users to send events
#eventAuthority com.apama.dashboard.security.DenyAllEventAuthority
# eventAuthority <your_class_name_here>

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