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Launching the XPath Helper
When you open an XML file in the XML editor, an XML menu is shown in the Software AG Designer menu bar.
Note: In some cases, there might be different ways of launching the XPath Helper. Depending on the context you launch it in you can use the Input document field to select a different XML document.
* To launch the XPath Helper
*Do one of the following:
*Open an XML document in the XML Editor, and from the XML menu, choose XPath Helper.
*Or select the XML document in the Project Explorer view, invoke the context menu and then choose XML > XPath Helper.
The XPath Helper dialog is shown in both cases. The content of the current XML document is shown in the left pane in the form of a tree, consisting of XML elements and their values.
The path to the current XML document is shown in the Input document field. If you want, you can also select a different XML document using this field.
Note: In some cases, you might not be able to use the Input document field, as its accessibility depends on the context in which you launch the XPath Helper.

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