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Evaluating XPath expressions
After you have generated an XPath expression, you can evaluate it.
* To evaluate an XPath expression
1. Either use the expression that is currently shown on the XPath Expression tab, or click and select another expression.
2. Select either Version 1.0 or Version 2.0 of the W3C Recommendation for the XML Path Language (XPath). To do so, use the drop-down list of the corresponding button at the top of the XPath Expression tab (initially Version 2.0 is shown as the button name, indicating that this option is currently selected).
3. Do one of the following:
*Click Evaluate to evaluate the generated expression.
*Or select Auto Evaluate to enable XPath Helper to continuously display results as you double-click a node in the document tree or manually enter the XPath expressions.
The XPath Helper evaluates the expression according to the selected criteria and shows the results in the Results pane, in a tree format. You can expand and collapse the tree if it has subnodes.

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