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Using tabs panels
The tags described in this topic are deprecated. They will be removed in a future release. You should change to the new tags. See Using new tags to configure the panels in a window.
Use the TabbedPanel tag to arrange .rtv files into a tabbed panel. This tag supports the following attributes:
Set the position of the tab. Valid arguments are left, right, top, and bottom.
Note: This argument is ignored by the data server. Tabs are always in the top position.
Set to false so that only one display at a time is loaded.
Here is an example:
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<panels xmlns="www.sl.com" version="1.0">
<TabbedPanel title="Test of Tabbed Panels" placement="top">
  <RTViewPanel title="Main Panel" display="main_panel"/>
  <RTViewPanel title="Panel 101" display="med_panel" subs="$title:101"/>
  <RTViewPanel title="Panel 102" display="med_panel" subs="$title:102"/>
  <RTViewPanel title="Panel 103" display="med_panel" subs="$title:103"/>
  <RTViewPanel title="Panel 201" display="med_panel" subs="$title:201"/>
  <RTViewPanel title="Panel 202" display="med_panel" subs="$title:202"/>
  <RTViewPanel title="Panel 203" display="med_panel" subs="$title:203"/>
When you create displays for use in tabbed panels, the height and width of each display must be the same. To set the height and width of a display in the Dashboard Builder, select File | Background Properties and set the Model Width and Model Height. If you are using a background image for your display, create the image so that the height and width of the image are one pixel larger than the size you want the display to be.
By default, the displays for all tabs are loaded at startup and are never unloaded. You can set to false the preload attribute on the TabbedPanel tag in order to change this behavior so that only the display for the first tab is loaded at startup and the display for a tab is unloaded when the user selects another tab. In other words, if preload is false, only one display at a time is loaded in a tabbed panel.
Following is an example:
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<panels xmlns="www.sl.com" version="1.0">
  <TabbedPanel title="Test of Tabbed Panel" placement="top" preload="false">
  <RtViewPanel title="Table Overview" display="overview"/>
  <RtViewPanel title="Production Table" display="production_table"/>
  <RtViewPanel title="System Table" display="system_table"/> </TabbedPanel>

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