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Using card panels
The tags described in this topic are deprecated. They will be removed in a future release. You should change to the new tags. See Using new tags to configure the panels in a window.
With card layout, you use the CardPanel element to specify a main panel and subordinate panels. Display server deployments do not support card layout.
The CardPanel tag supports the following attribute:
Set the location of this CardPanel if it is in a BorderPanel. Valid values are west, east, center, north, and south.
Here is an example:
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<panels xmlns="www.sl.com" version="1.0">
  <RtViewPanel title=" Main Panels " name="main" display="main_panel"/>
      <!-- The following three panels will always be kept in memory -->
  <RtViewPanel title="Panel 101" display="med_panel" subs="$title:101">
  <RtViewPanel title="Panel 102" display="med_panel" subs="$title:102">
  <RtViewPanel title="Panel 103" display="med_panel" subs="$title:103">
      <!-- All other displays will be loaded on demand -->
When you create displays for use in card panels, the height and width of each display must be the same. To set the height and width of a display in the Dashboard Builder, select File | Background Properties and set the Model Width and Model Height. If you are using a background image for your display, create the image so that the height and width of the image are one pixel larger than the size you want the display to be.

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