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Supporting deletion of a scenario instance
To delete a scenario instance, you have to add a control object, such as a push button and set its action to perform delete operation.
* To define commands for deleting a scenario instance
1. Open the file tutorial-delete.rtv by selecting Delete Instance in the tutorial main page.
2. Double-click the object labeled Test to display the dashboard in a new window such that the control objects are enabled.
This dashboard displays a summary table of all instances of the tutorial scenario and a Delete button for deleting the selected instance.
3. Double-click the APMA row in the table. This will cause the scenario instance for APMA to become selected and its Instrument name displayed in the form above the Delete button.
4. Click on the Delete button. This will delete the APMA instance of the scenario as indicated by the APMA row being removed from the table.
As with Edit, when performing a Delete you need to identify the instance to be deleted.
5. Select the Delete button and in the Object Properties panel, double-click the actionCommand property.
Here the command is defined to delete the instance of the tutorial scenario whose instance id equals $instanceId.

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