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Setting SQL data source options
The Builder, Viewer, data server, and display server executables support the following command-line option:
-q | --sql [retry:<ms> | fail:<n> | noinfo | nopererr | quote]
*retry: Specify the interval (in milliseconds) to retry connecting to a database after an attempt to connect fails. Default is -1, which disables this feature.
*fail: Specify the number of consecutive failed SQL queries after which to close this database connection and attempt to reconnect. Default is -1, which disables this feature.
*noinfo: Query database for available tables and columns in your database. If a Database Repository file is found, it is used to populate drop down menus in the Attach to SQL Data dialog.
*nopererr: SQL errors with the word permission in them will not be printed to the console. This is helpful if you have selected the Use Client Credentials option for a database. In this case, if your login does not allow access for some data in their display, you will not see any errors.
*quote: Encloses all table and column names specified in the Attach to SQL Data dialog in quotes when an SQL query is run. This is useful when attaching to databases that support quoted case-sensitive table and column names. Note: If a case-sensitive table or column name is used in the Filter field, or you are entering an advanced query in the SQL Query field, they must be entered in quotes, even if the -sqlquote option is specified.

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