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Setting options in the General tab
1. In the Update Period field, enter the rate, in milliseconds, at which the dashboard will refresh. Setting this option to a larger number will reduce the CPU use by the dashboard but at the expense of reducing the frequency with which the dashboard updates.
2. In the Enable Data field, check to enable data updates. When data is not enabled, incoming data is ignored.
3. Check the Redraw After Data Update check box to specify data-driven redraws.
Data from an asynchronous data source can arrive at any time between update periods. This means there could be a delay between the time an asynchronous data source receives a data update and when the display showing this data is updated. If selected, displays containing data from asynchronous data sources that have changed since the last update will be redrawn at the rate specified in the Max Data Redraw Rate field. Displays where no data has changed will only be redrawn on the update. If not selected, displays are only redrawn based on the update period.
4. In the Max Data Redraw Rate field, enter the maximum data redraw rate when data is updated. The default is 500 milliseconds.
5. In the Confirm Commands field, set the confirm policy for all command strings. Overrides confirm policies set on individual objects.
6. Check the Drill Down Windows Always on Top check box if you want windows displayed as the result of drilldowns to always be on top of their parent window.
7. Check the Enable Antialiasing check box to smooth graphics displayed in the dashboard.
8. Check the Single-Click for Drill Down Commands to perform drill downs with a single click; not a double-click.
9. In the Maximum Displays in Composite Object Cache field, enter the display caching for composite objects.

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