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Select table columns
From the Attach to SQL Data dialog you can specify which table columns to display and in what order they will appear. In order to populate the listing of available columns, you must first select a valid database and table.
* To specify which table columns to display and in what order they will appear
1. Right-click the Property Name from the Object Properties window and select Attach to Data > SQL.
The Attach to SQL Data dialog displays.
2. Click on the ellipses button in the Column(s) field (or right-click in the Column(s) field and click Select Columns).
The Select Columns dialog displays, which contains a list of Available Columns that you can add to your table.
3. To add a column, select an item from the Available Columns list and click Add button.
If the item you require is not listed, type your selection into the Enter Column Name field.
4. Click the Remove button to delete an item previously added to the Selected Columns list.
5. Control the order of columns in a table by arranging the items in the Selected Columns list with the Move Up and Move Down buttons.
Validation colors indicate whether selected columns are valid. However, if even one column selected is invalid the Column(s) field in the Attach to SQL Data dialog will register as an invalid entry.
Note: Invalid columns will not update.

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