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Installing a dashboard .war file
When deploying to an application server you need to manually install the dashboard .war file to that application server using the tools provided by the server. The details of this vary by application server.
* To install a dashboard .war file
1. Ensure that you are installing to a supported application server. For an up-to-date listing of supported application servers, see Software AG's Knowledge Center in Empower: (http://empower.softwareag.com).
2. Copy the .war file generated by the Dashboard Deployment wizard to the appropriate location for your application server. For example it may have a webapps folder.
3. Configure your application server as desired to support this and to secure access to the dashboard as required. The generated .war file will have form authentication enabled.
4. Use the deployment tools of your application server to install the dashboard .war file.
5. Test that you can access your dashboard and that access is secured as intended.

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