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Defining commands for editing a query instance
Use the Edit query instance command to edit a query instance by changing its input parameters (if any). This command is similar to the Edit scenario instance command with the exception that this command will be performed on a selected (filtered by $instanceId) query instance instead of a scenario instance. See Defining commands for editing a scenario instance for more information.
Note: In the case of non-parameterized queries, you cannot edit or delete the single instance of a query that is created when the query is injected. Also, you cannot create new instances of these queries. Due to these restrictions, non-parameterized queries are not exposed in the Query field of the Define Apama Command dialog.
* To define commands for editing a query instance
1. In Define Apama Command dialog, select the command Edit query instance.
2. In the Query field, select the query to use for this command.
3. Edit any input parameters in the Parameters section.

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