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The correlator persistence properties
You can configure persistence properties when you create a correlator instance or update the correlator instance.
For more information on correlator persistence, see Using Correlator Persistence.
The correlator component supports the following persistence properties:
Optional. Enables or disables correlator persistence. Valid values are:
*true - enables correlator persistence.
*false - disables correlator persistence.
The value of this property is not case-sensitive. The default value is false.
Optional. Specifies the path to the file in which the correlator stores persistent state. The correlator uses the file specified by this property to restore its state on startup. The relative path of the file is resolved from the instance directory. If you do not specify this property, the correlator uses the persistence.db file from the instance directory to store persistence state. This property is ignored if correlator persistence is disabled.
Optional. Specifies whether the contents of the recovery datastore are cleared when the correlator starts. Valid values are:
*true - the content of the recovery datastore is cleared.
*false - the content of the recovery datastore is not cleared.
The value of this property is not case-sensitive. The default value is false.
Note: If the clearPersistenceStateOnStartup option is disabled and the initializations fail during correlator startup, the correlator instance will be shut down. If initialization fails due to an issue with the persisted state, you must manually enable the clearPersistenceStateOnStartup option before restarting the correlator to clear the persisted state. Once the correlator is properly started, be sure to disable the clearPersistenceStateOnStartup option to retain the state of the correlator upon restart of the correlator.
To specify persistence properties when creating a correlator instance, enter the properties in key-value pairs, as parameters of the sagcc create instances command, for example:
enableCorrelatorPersistence=true persistentDatastorePath=C:\myStore.db 
To modify persistence properties when updating a correlator instance, specify the persistence properties in key-value pairs in the properties file of that instance.

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