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Defining the parameters element
After the description element, or imports element if there is one, there is a parameters element. The parameters element defines the function's parameters. A function can have
*No parameters. The .fdf file must still contain the parameters element, but it is empty. For example:
*A sequence of one or more fixed parameters. Each fixed parameter has a specified name and a specified type. In the function code, you must specify any fixed parameters in the same order in which you define them in the parameters element.
To define fixed parameters, specify one or more fixed-parameter elements. Each fixed-parameter element contains a name attribute and a type attribute. The value of the name attribute indicates the name of the fixed parameter. The value of the type attribute indicates the type of the fixed parameter and must be string, float, enumeration, or boolean. For example:
   <fixed-parameter name="condition" type="boolean" />
   <fixed-parameter name="true_result" type="string" />
   <fixed-parameter name="false_result" type="string" />
When you display functions in the Event Modeler Catalogs panel, you can click on a function and then expand parameters to view the parameters required by that function. When you execute the function, each fixed parameter is required.

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