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The Event Modeler toolbar
The Event Modeler toolbar contains a number of icons that correspond to commonly used operations:
Toolbar icon
Enable/Disable parallel execution — Indicate that the instances of the scenario will be run in parallel. This selection is a toggle. A scenario that runs in parallel executes each scenario instance in a separate context. Contexts let Apama organize work into threads that the correlator can concurrently execute.
For a scenario to run in parallel, each block that it uses must be parallel-aware. If a scenario uses one of the standard blocks provided with Apama, the scenario must use the latest version of the block. If a scenario uses a custom block, you must have created it in Callback or Callback (DEBUG) mode, or converted it to Callback or Callback (DEBUG) mode.
You cannot create a block from a scenario that can run in parallel. Also, you cannot create a block from a non-parallel scenario and then mark that block as parallel-aware.
Cut the currently selected element to the clipboard (that is, copy it and then delete it)
Copy the currently selected element to the clipboard.
Paste the current contents of the clipboard to the current selected location. This will not be available if the clipboard is empty or if its contents are not suitable for the current location. For example, you cannot paste a state in the Variables tab.
Undo the last action.
Redo the last action which was undone.
Show feed names for block fields.
Toggle display of rule comments.

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