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Validate Substitutions
Validates a substitution string against the given table of valid values. Returns a substitution string with only valid values. The returned string is identical to the specified substitution string, except that any values from the specified string that are not found in the first column of the given table are replaced with the first value in the first column of the given table.
The function has the following argument:
*Substitution String: Text string consisting a semicolon-separated list of substitutions (variable-name/value pairs) whose values are to be validated
*Valid Value Table: Table whose first column contains all values that are to be considered valid
*Clear If Invalid: If set to 1, the function returns an empty string if the substitution is not found in the table.
*Allow Multiple Values: If set to 1 this will allow the substitution to be a semicolon-separated string of values; each value will be tested for validity and the final result will be assembled from all the valid values (if any).
This function returns a text string.

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