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Set Substitutions By Lookup
Sets multiple substitutions based on the values in a specified lookup table.
The function has the following arguments:
*Key: Text string or numeric value. This value identifies a row of Lookup Table, provided it matches a value in Lookup Table's first column.
*Lookup Table: Table whose first column contains key values and whose remaining columns contain substitution values. These remaining columns have as names the names of substitution variables (and, in particular, they start with $).
Key is compared against the values in the first column of Lookup Table in order to determine which row of the lookup table to use to set substitution values. For each additional column in Lookup Table (where the column name starts with $), a substitution is set. The substitution name is the name of the column and the substitution value is the value from that column in the row whose first column matches Key.
This function returns a table.

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