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Replace Value
Returns the replacement string that Replacement Values associates with Value.
For example, if Value is Windows NT and Replacement Values is 'Windows NT':winnt Windows2000:win2k, the text string returned is winnt.
This function has the following arguments:
*Value: Text string whose associated replacement string is to be returned.
*Replacement Values: Text string specifying value/replacement-string pairs. This is a space-separated list of pairs of the form value:replacement-string. Use a colon to separate the value from its associated replacement string. Use a space to separate one pair from another in the list. If a value or replacement string contains a space or colon, enclose that value or replacement string in single quotes.
*Return Value if No Match: Numerical value that controls what is returned if none of the pairs in Replacement Values has a value that matches Value. If Return Value if No Match is set to 1, Value is returned when no match is found. If Return Value if No Match is set to 0, the empty string is returned when no match is found.
The function returns a text string.

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