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HTML5 bar graph issues
*The max zoom-in level is one bar group. For example if there are 2 bars in each bar group, there will usually be at least 2 bars visible regardless of how far you zoom in. But, if the user intentionally zooms in on blank space between bars it is possible to end up with no visible bars.
*After zooming or scrolling, the y axis range (x axis in horizontal mode) may change to reflect the range of values of the visible bars. This is designed behavior.
*If draw3dFlag is set, dragging the scrollbar will also initiate a zoom-in, as though the user dragged in the plot area. This can be avoided by scrolling via clicks on the scrollbar arrows, instead.
*Scrolling performance on a chart with many bars may be sluggish, depending on the vintage of the browser and host.
*The chart's tooltip may overlap the Reset button making it difficult to click the button. Moving the mouse a bit will correct this problem.
*Performance is affected by the number of bars, traces, trace points, use of trace line shadows, bar/trace fill, and other properties. Performance is also affected by the browser and version, and the CPU speed of the client host system. On a touch interface, a swipe will scroll the chart left or right.
*On a touch interface, a pinch-open gesture in the plot area will zoom the chart's range *in* to the pinched range. A pinch-close gesture will zoom out to the pinched range. A left/right swipe (or an up/down swipe in horizontal mode) will scroll the chart. The scrollbar (if visible) cannot be dragged reliably on a touch device, but the scrollbar arrow keys can be tapped.

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